Commissioned Reports

Industry, Economic & Workforce Research

The Workforce Development Board is pleased to release the final report of the 2018 Industry, Economic & Workforce Research study of San Luis Obispo County recently completed by BW Research Partnership.

The San Luis Obispo County Workforce Development Board commissioned BW Research Partnership, Inc. (BW Research), an independent research firm, to conduct the 2018 Industry Cluster Analysis and Economic and Workforce Research Study. The research highlights key industry clusters, job quality, talent and educational characteristics, and commute patterns. As markets emerge and decline, the research evaluates new opportunities and challenges for workforce development in San Luis Obispo County.

BW Research is a full-service research consulting firm and national leader on workforce and economic development studies that are looking for answers to empower effective planning and decision-making around the world of work. BW Research combines expertise in labor market and economic impact analyses with the ability to compile data utilizing secondary, qualitative  (e.g., focus groups, stakeholder and executive interviews), and quantitative (e.g., telephone, mail, intercept and Internet surveys) research techniques. BW Research has two offices, one just outside of Boston in Wrentham Massachusetts, managed by Phil Jordan and the other in Carlsbad California, managed by Josh Williams.

Josh Williams, the President and Founder of BW Research has been leading and directing applied workforce and economic research for almost 20 years. His work is focused on understanding how to align education, training and regional investments that effectively support local, regional and national economic vitality, while also creating pathways for students, job-seekers and communities that have not been able to access sustainable career and economic opportunities. Before founding BW Research in 2006, he served as the Research Director for a west-coast based market research firm. With a passion and deep understanding of applied research, Mr. Williams is committed to providing insightful research findings that support stronger communities, employment pathways and economic opportunity for all.