A/DLW/Y Adult/Dislocated Worker/Youth 
ADA American with Disabilities Act 
AE Administrative Entity 
AJCC America’s Job Center of California 
BC Business Council 
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics 
BOS Board of Supervisors 
BPPE Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education 
CalJOBS California’s online resource and database for workforce services. 
CalWORKs California Work Opportunity and Responsibilities to Kids 
CAO County Administrative Office 
CAPSLO Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County 
CBO Community-Based Organization 
CCRPU Central Coast Regional Planning Unit 
CDP Census Designated Place 
CES Current Employment Statistics 
CES Center for Economic Studies (Federal) 
CIP Classification of Instructional Programs 
CLEO Chief Local Elected Official 
CFR Code of Federal Regulations 
COE County Office of Education 
CCCCO California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office 
CPS Current Population Survey 
CWA California Workforce Association 
CWDB California Workforce Development Board 
DAS Division of Apprenticeship Standards 
DOE Department of Education 
DOL Department of Labor (U.S. and Federal) 
DOR Department of Rehabilitation 
DOT Department of Transportation 
DSS Department of Social Services 
DW Dislocated Worker 
EC Executive Committee 
ED Economic Development 
EDD Employment Development Department 
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity 
ESL English as a Second Language 
ETA Employment & Training Administration 
ETP Employment Training Panel 
ETPL Eligible Training Provider List 
EVC Economic Vitality Corporation 
FA Fiscal Agent 
FBO Faith-Based Organization 
FTE Full-time Equivalent (Employee) 
FY Fiscal Year 
GED General Equivalency Diploma 
IAW Initial Assistance Workshops 
IEP Individual Employment Plan 
ILP Independent Living Program 
ISS Individual Service Strategy 
ISY In-School Youth 
ITA Individual Training Account 
IWT Incumbent Worker Training 
LA Layoff Aversion 
LEP Limited English Proficiency 
LLSIL Lower Living Standard Income Level 
LMI Labor Market Information 
LMID Labor Market Information Division 
LWDB Local Workforce Development Board 
MIS Management Information System 
MOU Memorandum of Understanding 
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area 
NAICS North American Industry Classification System 
NAWB National Association of Workforce Boards