6/23/16 – PG&E exec speaks out about closure of Diablo Canyon

6/23/16 – PG&E exec speaks out about closure of Diablo Canyon

Publish Date: 6/23/2016

By: Scott Daniels

Source: KSBY

Link: http://www.ksby.com/story/32295158/pge-exec-speaks-out-about-closure-of-diablo-canyon

Sixty years of nuclear power in California will start and will end with PG&E. That’s the message Company Vice President Ed Halpin gave to a group of business leaders Thursday at a San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce event Thursday morning.

“Over the last year, the landscape has changed, the market has changed, and we’ve had to work through this,” said Halpin. “It’s tough on our employees and their families.”

He said the need for the power plant is not justifiable ten years from now, all because of the state’s energy policies. The power company is having challenges getting its permits approved through the State Lands Commission.

“The decision on Diablo Canyon has nothing to do with security or safety. Diablo Canyon is safe, secure and reliable,” he said.

If those permits aren’t handed out in a meeting next week, Halpin said Diablo Canyon could shut down earlier than expected. Right now, the plan is for the power plant to remain here for nine more years.

PG&E is trying to make the transition as smooth as possible for its 1,500 employees at Diablo Canyon and for the Central Coast community.

“In addition, we also have funds for the community to the tune of about $50-million because as the assets depreciate, the taxes go down and we want to make sure we make the community whole to help with this transition,” Halpin said.

When asked if another utility company could come in and operate Diablo Canyon, Halpin said “probably not”.


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